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At Randy Palmeri & Son Contacting, we understand that repairing or replacing a roof is a significant investment. That’s why you should insist on working with a professional roofing contractor who has the knowledge and experience to ensure a successful project. 

No matter your home’s style or personal taste, we will find the right roofing shingle to enhance its curb appeal. 


Even if your roof appears to look okay, the older your roof, the more vulnerable it becomes. A careful inspection from a licensed contractor may reveal less obvious damage. If your roof is more than 10 years old, contact us for a FREE inspection, and rest easy knowing your roof is safe. 


Our 4 areas of protection for your new roof: 

  1. Ice and water protectors provide a second line of defense against water penetration due to ice dams or wind. 

  2. RoofGard-Cool Grey or Stormtite Synthetic underlayment is installed for total deck protection.

  3. Leading Edge Plus Starter strips include a sealant strip at the bottom edge, providing a tight seal.

  4. Ridge-cap shingles are required where roof planes meet by providing additional protection in these highly stressed areas.


Siding protects your home from the elements while contributing to its curb appeal. Siding replacement consistently ranks as one of the best remodeling projects for retaining resale value. If your siding is loose, cracked, or hosting mold or mildew, it’s time to hire a professional to replace it. Contact Randy Palmeri & Son Contracting today for your FREE estimate.


Clogged gutters don't allow water to drain correctly and can result in costly damage to your home. Backed-up water from clogged gutters can seep into your roof and lead to severe interior damage. Rotten fascia and soffits are also common problems caused by clogged gutters while overflowing gutters can cause water damage to your home's foundation. When water spills onto the ground which soaks, weakens, and cracks your foundation. Seeing water where it shouldn't be? Contact us for your FREE estimate today.


After a significant storm, there is always concern about the damage that high winds, rain, and hail can cause. Randy Palmeri & Son Contracting is your fully licensed and insured local contractor. We will work with your insurance company to ensure your complete coverage for your home. Rest assured that we will always suggest the most cost-effective solution for every job. Concerned about storm damage? You have 1 year to file a claim with your insurance company! Contact us today for your FREE inspection.


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