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Military Exterior Giveaway 2022


A local veteran got a big surprise when he came home Friday. Gene Schaefer were surprised with a free exterior home makeover from Randy Palmeri and Son Contracting.


Dozens of family and friends were there as the Palmeri family awarded the Schaefers with the makeover after receiving several entries in the 2022 giveaway.

Gene and Sue have volunteered for years to drive veterans to medical appointments in Wisconsin.

"After my time in the service, I want to give back to other people and veterans," Gene Schaefer says.


"Most of the guys here are members of the American Legion, the VFW, or the DVA," says Sue Schaefer. "If you're a member of one, you're usually a member of all of them."


In another testament to Gene's generosity and service to the community, he once won thousands of dollars from a veteran's organization. He and his daughter, rather than keep it, went to Walmart and gave the cash to shoppers.

Gene, a medic in the U.S. Army during the War in Vietnam, was nominated three times by friends and family. His daughter, Kristine Frank, submitted one of the entries.

"I want them to like coming home and enjoy a new exterior and appreciate it and the Palmeri family is amazing," Frank says. "Veterans grab our hearts. I don't know how else to say it."

This is the fifth time that Randy Palmeri and Son has given a local hero a free home makeover. This year, local vendors will be taking care of landscaping at the Schaefer's home.

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